We started The Naked Mag in 2013 and are currently up to our fifth issue. We're a small yet passionate team with a lot of stories to share. We want to educate, inform, inspire and most importantly, shed light on areas that have been in the dark too long.

Sustainable and ethical fashion is our core focus. Why? Fashion is an industry that touches so many parts of the world and unfortunately, it’s not a gentle touch. From ocean pollution, unethical working conditions, child labour and mountains (literally) of waste, we have a lot of wrongs to make right.

While there are many tragic stories, there are also promising technologies, futuristic trailblazers and powerful movements that highlight how we can move forward in a sustainable way. Our aim is to educate people about the simple choices we can all make to better our world. After all, this is a team effort.

Let's build a future we're proud to say we contributed to.


Meet the team

 Edda Hamar Creative Director

Edda Hamar
Creative Director

 Sophie Winter Editor

Sophie Winter

 Judith Ortiz  Graphic Designer

Judith Ortiz
Graphic Designer

 Kirsten Brown Graphic Designer

Kirsten Brown
Graphic Designer