You learn more when you read Naked.

As young entrepreneurs who are passionate about both sustainability and the fashion industry, the team behind Naked has a lot to say...

We have opened our arms to the want for change and we hope it is evident how firmly we stand by our convictions. It is an ambitious task but through this magazine it is our hope that we can educate and bring about lasting change.

Naked gives you an insight into what happens behind the scenes of the fashion industry; the impact fashion has on the environment, the unethical treatment of workers and the murky supply lines between designers and production. It also highlights the work of sustainable fashion designers and honest people doing good things for the industry. 

Take the time to read through the works of our talented writers, keep up-to-date on the latest sustainable fashion news and invert your thinking.

Meet the team

Edda Hamar Creative Director

Edda Hamar
Creative Director

Sophie Winter Editor

Sophie Winter

Judith Ortiz Graphic Designer

Judith Ortiz
Graphic Designer

Kirsten Brown Graphic Designer

Kirsten Brown
Graphic Designer