School uniforms are something everyone went through. Whether it was a good or bad memory, it is an experience we all share. We cannot say if many of the school uniforms in Australia are ethically produced. It is such a paradox; kids in Australia are wearing what is made by the workers in countries where child labour is rampant. Everyone has the right of education but in our world, 58 million kids of primary school age were still out of school in 2012. Many kids do not even have opportunities to experience school uniforms. 

Meet One Girl, a charity organisation that gives opportunities for girls to go to school in Sierra Leone, where you can still see the traces of civil wars of 90s to early 2000.

Do It In a Dress is a campaign that One Girl established. By wearing girls’ school uniforms, people can raise awareness of education for girls and conduct fundraising for education programs in Sierra Leone. It looks a little bit silly, guys and girls wearing the a school uniform…but it’s awesome.

This year, one of the ambassadors of the Do It In a Dress campaign started a fundraising project that took the form of an online fashion show, showcasing upcycled school uniforms. The clothes look really awesome and it’s hard to believe they are made from school uniforms! It’s said 4% of landfill in Australia is unrecovered textiles. This sadly includes used school uniforms. It is a great idea to upcycle uniforms that might eventually work their way to landfill. If you still have school uniforms or are ready to graduate, why don’t you upcycle it?

If you would like to support the Do It In A Dress upcycled collection, dresses are available here: