Director of Undress Runways, Edda Hamar, recently conducted a panel discussion with Simon McRae, national manager of Ethical Clothing Australia at QUT. As an alumni of QUT herself, Edda managed to inspire students who are willing to start up own sustainable fashion brand or jump into the fashion industry.

Simon explained what ECA is doing, certification system and its accreditation process.

He also told of the workers’ situation in Bangladesh as well as the garment workers in Australia.

To geta  certification from ECA is very beneficial for the fashion designers, it can increase employment, employees are proud to work with and it is the great marketing and can increase purchase.

If you are one of the designers who care sustainability, go for the certification.

Hipster Fashion Cycle, he showed was interesting for audience to understand the fashion cycle.

Edda talked the influence of fashion industry on this planet. What audiences got shocked was the picture of the river, which is polluted by the toxic dying. Along with the phrase “I know the color of clothes looking from the window of my house”. She also explained what you can buy in Bangladesh by the garment workers’ wage. It is completely not a lot. It should be changed… how? More companies should ensure the workers’ wage, more designers go for sustainability and we, consumers recycle, upcycle and do slow-fashion.

The night was filled with curiousity to sustainable fashion and we anticipate how their potentiality is gonna bring the better fashion industry!