It’s getting hot. Summer is on our tails. On some days, it is hard to even put on clothes because of the heat, until now! Phi Huynh of Cash Berry Clothing prides his label on the main commodity used, bamboo. He says that, “it’s breathable and thermo-regulating which allows you t stay comfortable whatever the weather; keeps you cool in Summer and warm in Winter.” 

The idea for beginning his brand was his personal attitude towards Brisbane and it being slightly behind other countries (an even cities!) in the fashion industry. Also, he struggled with being able to find clothes that he liked but were also affordable. The added idea of using bamboo as the material arose because he “didn’t like the quality.” As well as being awesome for any type of weather, the bamboo composition material is hypoallergenic, UV protective and biodegradable. Looking after the earth while looking good! Phi also points out that, “The reason why bamboo is so sustainable is because it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Once harvested, bamboo can replenish itself within a year and some species can grow 120cm per day!” 

Phi Huynh, along with his innovative and stylish pieces, will be featuring in the Undress Runways event this Saturday. I asked him what we could be hoping to spot on the catwalk and he answered with, “I gave quite a few items for them to decide and a first look at our new items: suit pants, bamboo boxers and bamboo short sleeves. Of course, we will be showcasing our long sleeve shirts as well!” Personally, I am excited to get my hands on a pair of bamboo boxers – this summer is feeling like a hot one! My favourite of the long sleeved range is the “Bamboo Day Button Up” whereas Phi prefers the “Bamboo Business Class.” Make your own decision by following the link to his site and scrolling through the endless designs. 

Don't forget the Cash Berry Clothing philosophy, “You don’t have to be rich to have class!” Follow the link below to check out this brand: