Hemp-based material products are gaining major popularity in every aspect of life. You can make ice-cream, chocolate, textiles and even houses from Hemp!

The first Hemp house was built in North Carolina, USA. It cost only $133 per square foot to build. The gorgeous home has many eco-friendly features.

To keep the house together, the Hemp hurd was mixed with lime and water to create a strong hold between the exteriors, the Hemp sets as an infill straw bale supporting the stud lifts. Even the walls of this unique house are eco-friendly. Using Purepanel, a product made from recycled paper, the interior walls stand high.

But that is not all. The energy-efficient wall system has a 21 SEER air-based heat pump that heat’s and cool’s the house appropriately. This reduces the utility cost and the need for expensive equipment.

After building this awesome house, The Architect says from here on out he will only build houses safe enough for his daughter to live in; Do you mind coming to Brisbane and building us one?