Whilst those beef cattle may be contributing between 9-15% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, and non-organic farms are contributing to soil degradation and water pollution, the clothing choices of these farmers may be doing the very opposite.

The tough, hard-working farmer in many cases deserve much more recognition for their efforts supporting high quality workwear manufacturers. That faded flanno, the Arriat boots, the Akubra hat that has been passed down through the family, the all purpose Drizabone jacket, the hand painted R & M Williams belt and the ripped jeans are all long term fashion items that gain their appeal through age and the appearance of durability. Whilst cowboys are not usually considered to be leading the way as far as the Greenies are concerned, they may be the only ones still following consumer patterns of the 40’s. The price and nature of these country fashion products mean that the people save up to buy good quality items that are designed to last for years to come.

There is a whole market tailored to long lasting durable products. Every new Akubra Hat comes with care instructions for your hat to help stop it wear out, how to re-shape it, how to clean it, as well as a list of hat refurbishes that can repair the Akubra if it get’s damaged. Clearly the marketing strategy of Akubra hats is to make long lasting products that you grow to love more over time, rather than something that you love for one season. Ariat or R & M Williams boots are the same, and although they do not come with a life-long guarantee you can assured that the expense and quality of the boot proves that they are not simply a seasonal choice for many shoppers and are a long term investment. Drizabones double up as a coat for warmth as well a rain coat and come with a 12 month faulty manufacturing allowance. There are specific places that these coats can get repaired and like the aforementioned products, they are clearly not designed to suit the latest fashion trends.  

All these products are marketed through a long term reputation of practicality and durability. Many of the products are also Australian made and therefore support local industry. Buying into long lasting products is something we can all consider more when making purchases.