Environmentalist, Yvon Chouinard, once said, “Going back to a simpler life is not a step backwards.” I struggle to believe this in such a fast-paced world but after interviewing Jennifer Nini, an ethical life enthusiast, I may have changed this view.

Many people find inspiration for life while travelling and Jennifer Nini of Eco Warrior Princess is no exception. The budding entrepreneur found the unripened seed for her Instagram account, @Ecowarriorprincess, in 2008 when she ventured to China with the intentions of starting a fashion label. She ventured with her business partner to gain insight into how clothing factories are run. Creating a successful business is a tough gig and unfortunately for Jennifer, her label did not take off but she sees the experience as anything but wasted because, “it [the experience] made a lasting impression which is why when I began Eco Warrior Princess I started exploring ‘ethical’ fashion concepts.” 

She officially began nourishing the account in August 2010 – convinced by her partner to do so – and the start of the blog coincided with a decision to move from her city slicker life in Melbourne to the rural outback in Queensland. Her Melbourne origins and new founded country life was the reasoning behind the name “Eco Warrior Princess” because as Jennifer put it, “…it represents the intersection of my city life (Princess) and my country life (Eco Warrior). Create yet simplistic – makes for a perfect account name! 

Ideally, Jennifer wants her followers to, “learn that there is a job in living simply and that the stereotypical idea of a ‘greenie’ is false.” Sometimes it is important to strip back to the basics in order to realise what is truly important in our hectic schedules. In her opinion, Jennifer recognises that to lead a fulfilling life, it is critical to, “be working in a job (or creating your own business) that aligns with your value systems and empowers you… living a life where you can be fully, completely and authentically YOU.” Instead of answering what you do by stating your occupation, it is important to know who you are and what you stand for. 

I asked Jennifer what a typical day on her farm entailed and she answered with: “Before launching the digital agency I had much more time. I used to get up at 6am, practise yoga, have a meeting with the farm business partners (my fiancé and his father), work in the gardens and paddocks, plant seeds, weed, water, harvest and then of course cook and test recipes (we intend to sell organic food products one day in the future). However as farming costs lots of money, I have had to go back to digital marketing (I had left a digital firm in Melbourne to move to our farm in QLD) and so I officially launched my own agency The Social Copywriter in June this year. Like any start-up business, it is all consuming so I don't get as much time out on the property as I would like because I am copywriting for clients, establishing and executing digital strategies and manage a remote team. Once I get the structures in place, I can go back to focusing on the farm and getting organic certification but for now, we need a cash cow so I'm living and breathing my digital agency for the moment.” 

Aside from all of this she is an avid reader! I am also of the belief that you need to be constantly reading something – whether it is a biography, graphic novel or romance text as it allows an outlet from our busy lives. To me, it is a form of escapism and is one of the most simplistic hobbies anyone can take up. Being from Melbourne, Jennifer cannot bypass a great coffee or foodie experience either! As Jennifer Nini continues to nourish and nurture her business and Instagram account, success and love for life continues to follow. Figuratively speaking, she has planted a sturdy oak in the social media world by successfully advocating for sustainable living. Maybe simplicity is the key after all!