If any of you readers are like me, every summer I begin the quest of finding the best swimsuit for the endless amount of days I will be sunbaking. Ok, so maybe the sunbaking part is not likely with my Irish heritage but a girl can dream. It does not stop me from wanting that special, summer swimming costume. I scroll through endless online shops, trek down every aisle of City Beach and even resort to past season bikinis in my own wardrobe. 

To many, swimwear differs from season to season and one simply cannot wear what they paraded around in at the beach last summer. The latter is what Claire Tanner-Johnstone of Finch Swimwear claims, “gets us into trouble sometimes.” Established almost 35 years ago, Finch Swimwear aims to create styles that “look, fit and wear up to the standards only Australians understand” and through their vibrant patterns as well as diverse ranges, this is ultimately achieved. Claire, like myself, pointed out that, ladies like to buy swimwear every year because their old ones haven’t lasted, are out-dated or have “shrunk”. Finch prides themselves on their quality and attention to detail for their customers and as a result consumers are showing off their swimwear for years! 

Claire had a passion for vintage clothing; with having previously worked in antiques. When she came to Australia, Claire starting selling these antiques. That hobby eventually stemmed into altering clothes and selling them. She created dyed singlets, crop tops, jumpsuits and simply whatever else she could think of! Claire lived for the amazing feeling that came with selling something she had personally created which provided joy for a consumer. Eventually, swimwear seemed like an “obvious progression” for Claire and the people who contributed to establishing Finch Swimwear

This season it seems like the one-piece has made a comeback. Personally, I am still a fan of the bikini with the Sea Gypsy Crochet Rio bikini being a standout from the Finch Swimwear styles. Claire is exceptionally happy with the entire collection this year. If she had to select one, it would be The Cross Back one-piece that featured in the Undress Runways event. She states that, “it has been popular with our whole team. It’s flattering, comfortable and looks stunning in the new print.”  Doesn’t every girl love a flattering swimsuit? 

Claire finished up with saying that The Undress Runways shows were an opportunity for her line to inject new styles and colours into the already well-established collection. She emphasised that it was a lot of fun (and hard work) for all! To my readers, I want to see you soaring into summer with Finch Swimwear