Do you need a new look? Make it Eco-Fashion.

So, you ask, what does it mean to be an Eco Fashion label? While there is no plain definition or example, but essentially Eco Fashion is all about the thought that goes into the production, planning, purchasing and wearing of your clothes. How was it made? Where was it made? The ethical movement is fast becoming a way of living, rather than simply a trend. Are you on board?

Start by being environmentally conscious. Find out if any harm has been done to the environment in the production of your threads, if not you are safe. If pesticides have been used in the growing of the materials you are looking at, it’s best to look elsewhere. Playing with materials that have been locally grown or manufactured is your best bet when trying to avoid harmful production. Recycling and swapping garments is the perfect way to fast forward your Eco-Fashion journey. 

The Brisbane community does Eco Fashion in many ways. The weekly Suitcase Rummage’s, SWOP shops in West End and many local designers taking the sustainable approach like our good friends The Great Beyond. It is so easy to do; you just need to think about it. Giving life to pre-loved garments from friends or family is one of the simplest ways to approach Eco Fashion. 

As it is all about the thought that goes into not only the purchasing but also the production here are a few questions you can ask yourself before you make any new purchases this season.

Do you know where your clothes have been made?

What material are your garments made from?

Can you borrow something similar from a friend?

As long as you know your purchases have had minimal impact on the environment, you are doing Eco Fashion the right way. Each individual action, though small, can be positive for the Eco Fashion Movement.