Wanting to rid your life of plastic and all its toxicity? We support you on this journey! So, we've gathered seven super-easy tips to help get you on the right track.

1. Use canvas grocery bags

According to statistics from Clean Up Australia, an estimated 3.76 billion plastic bags are disposed of in landfill sites in Australia every year. That’s approximately 7,150 bags a minute.

These ridiculous statistics can be changed if we all work hard enough. All you need to do is spend a couple of dollars on a few environmentally friendly shopping bags and remember to take them with you to the shops. Easy.

2. Trade your plastic sandwich bags in for some super cool reusable ones

Not only do they come in super cute patterns and styles, they’ll also keep your food fresher than plastic ones!

3. Buy a bamboo toothbrush

Dentists recommend we should change our toothbrushes every three months, but let’s be honest, not many of us actually do. Which is lucky because if we were to, we'd be sending a whole lot of waste to landfill. Swapping to a bamboo brush means you'll both reduce your impact on the environment and keep your dentist happy!

4. Use a bar of soap to wash dishes… And yourself.

Instead of throwing out container after container of body wash and washing up liquids, try going back to the old school ways of using a bar soap. It’ll save you time and money!

5. Recycle your plastic Tupperware and buy some glass ones

Glass Tupperware is not only more sturdy and heatproof than plastic, but will also stop any chemicals from melting into the food when microwaving the containers.

6. Buy glass or stainless steel water bottles

Sipping on a plastic water bottle is just as bad for yourself as it is for the environment! Studies have shown that refilling plastic water bottles has a number of increased health risks. Glass or stainless steel water bottles will not only save your health but will last longer too!

7. Replace your cleaning supplies with natural alternatives

Did you know you can replace nearly every single cleaning spray, scrub or fluid in your home with white vinegar? Simply upcycle an old glass bottle and make your own hand held natural spray cleaner!