During one of my travels last year, I stumbled upon a quaint jewellery shop that sold beautiful charms – and a percentage of each sale went to a non-profit cause related to each charm. I loved the idea and thought how great it would be if this happened with all my daily purchases.   I’m an avid online shopper, but many charities don’t have virtual shops for me to buy from. However, earlier this year, a friend of mine introduced Gifts4Good and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Gifts4Good is an online shopping portal that enables online shoppers to raise funds for charities and causes by shopping at one of its partnering online retailers. Currently, there are more than 400 online retailers linked to Gifts4Good – everything from books and beauty products to photos, hotels and sports gear.

By using the online portal, Gifts4Good donates a percentage of each purchase, typically about 3-5%.  The money comes from referral fees from retailers so it’s completely free for shoppers to use. As a student, I’m highly appreciative of this – there is always a want to help a good cause, but there is not always extra money to spare. 

As an online shopper, registration versatility is important to me and Gifts4Good gives me just that – I do not need to go through the hassle of signing up to use the portal. By default, Gifts4Good will donate earned donations to national charity, GIVIT. However, since I have a specific charity in mind, I would need to register so that I can ‘tell’ Gifts4Good which charity I want to contribute to.

The feature that I have yet to use on the portal is the fundraising capability – not only charities can take advantage of Gifts4Good, but community groups as well. So, if your children’s school, local chaplaincy or sporting club are looking for additional ways to raise funds, the online portal is a great way to do so. Just register your community group and spread the word to your supporters! 

Social purchasing is yet to be an everyday concept, and few people understand it. Gifts4Good is looking to change that and hopes to encourage shoppers to make social purchasing a daily occurrence; a habit, even. Imagine the impact if part of every purchase you make supports a good cause – it would have a huge impact on society!

In a recent edition of Naked, there was an interview with Madonna Bain.  I was inspired by her comment that “we change the world with our choices”.  It’s sometimes the small changes which can make the biggest differences.  So to start making a positive difference with your everyday shopping, head on to Gifts4Good’s website for your future purchases!