Do you need a new outfit for the weekend? Want to be eco savvy but don’t know where to start or have the time to source ethical brands? Make it easier on yourself with my top eight retailer list.

I have put together a list of eight major retailers that you may or may not have known are sustainable. These eight large retailers cater to all demographics and occasions.

Get Naked with our top eight Sustainable Retailer:

1.    David Jones
In May 2015 DJ’s set out a goal to make sure every product was ethically sourced.

2.    Nike
Nike’s sustainable innovation goes across the design and materials to the manufacturing and retail.

3.    Apple
Apple has been making effort to be sustainable since 2007. Did you know they power all their facilities through 100% renewable energy?

4.    H&M
Head over to to read all about H&M’s sustainability approaches.

5.    Patagonia
Patagonia takes pride in their organic cotton range. Organic cotton is farmed without the usual mix of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, defoliants and fertilizers. Keep an eye out on the Naked website for a full write up about Paragonia coming soon.

6.    Target
Target has been integrating sustainable approaches across their business since 1962. Target focuses on Sustainable Living, Sustainable Products, Smart Development and Efficient operations.

7.    Myer
Myer is committed to sourcing merchandise that is produced in safe working conditions where the human rights of workers are respected.

8.    Billabong
From board shorts through t-shirts to boxes, Billabong has a range of garments, which have been developed from environmentally friendly fabrics and fibres to lesion the impact on the environment and create greater awareness of our responsibility to preserve the planet.

Now hold back on your excuses and make that conscious effort to dress in a friendly way. Remember a little bit of research never goes astray. help yourself by helping someone else.