These days people have Instagram accounts for everything. This is no understatement; I follow an Instagram page called “Buddy Boo Waggy Tails” which essentially is a glorified dog account for pet fiends. However, it's extremely popular, with over 603,000 dedicated followers. I am a massive advocate of this leading social media app as it plays an integral role in beginning businesses, advertising latest innovations and promoting certain lifestyles. 

Recently, I have been on a quest to track down the top sustainable fashion and lifestyle accounts for all the environmentally conscious fashionistas out there. Every day we are constantly hearing about how important it is to protect the environment for future generations and as our favourite ethical advocator Emma Watson has stated, “I don’t want to wear something on my body that hurts the environment or people in it.”  So why not check out my recommendations?


1. Eco Fashion Week


The EFW team are constantly striving to present the fashion industry with sustainable creations because they recognise that the fashion industry is the, “third most damaging in the world.” Just like all rebel teenagers, the fashion industry has the capacity to change and for a matter-of-fact, is changing for the better with the help of Eco Fashion Week. The team believe that change happens through education and the promotion of sustainability from “process to product.” The endgame: transforming personal responsibility to global change. The page is updated with startling facts such as, “43% of the world’s cotton is grown in areas experiencing extremely high water stress,” that prompt action in its followers. If it doesn’t achieve this, it at least stimulates thinking about ethical practices in the industry. 


2. Sustainability in Style


Katie Roberts is on a journey to “reduce her negative environmental impact.” She points out up cycled accessory brands, organic perfumes and just general posts on ways to live happily. With an incredible following of over 4500 budding eco warriors, Katie’s account should only continue to grow. Her updates are regular and informative as she tags all relevant brands, companies or events to allow for a full picture. She also has a website for those who simply can’t get enough.


3. Eco Warrior Princess


From food to fashion and everything in between, “eco warrior princess” covers it all for 21st century sustainable living. She also has a blog that further explores what she posts on her Instagram account. Her bio is constantly updated with her latest post that followers are encouraged to read. 


So, that sums up my top three sustainable Instagram accounts. On another note, while undertaking my research, I stumbled upon a link that led me to “The Green Room” page run by ASOS. Essentially, it is a platform devoted to collections that have an “ethical story to tell.” This is a fabulous innovation that all online retailers should attempt to mimic. Who wouldn’t want to learn more about pioneer fashion with a conscious? Ema Watson even points out that, “I think young people like me are becoming increasingly aware of the humanitarian and environmental issues surrounding fast fashion and want to make god choices.” 

Ethically aware style needs to be the way of the future. Each of the above Instagram accounts are trying to achieve this one upload at a time. Here’s to a world of eco warriors doing right by the planet while looking stylish at the same time! If I haven’t convinced you, Emma Watson will.