Who has the time to sort through mismatched clothing items in order to find a hidden treasure? Isn’t easier to simply walk into your generic clothing store and buy the first pair of black slacks that you notice as you enter the shop? 

I am here to tell you that this is the wrong attitude to have. We live in a world of wastage. Many of us would find pieces of clothing in our wardrobe that we have worn a maximum of three times. When the next season arrives, it is out of date so may as well get rid of it right? Wrong! Donate it to your local charity store or better yet try to source more of your clothing from the local Vinnies in order to save the pain of the spring clean (for items that don’t really need to be spring cleaned).

I am a thrift shop convert. I used to be very sceptical towards the idea of wearing garments that have been owned and essentially lived another life through a stranger. Why buy second hand clothes when you could own a brand new item? My last trip to Melbourne made me a changed woman. While I don’t purchase all my outfits from op shops, I try to visit second hand clothing stores on a monthly basis to score a style steal and even save some dollar bills in the process.  My top two items that can most definitely be op-shopped are:

1. The Denim Jacket

Even though winter is almost over, everyone needs to have a denim jacket on hand for those occasional cooler nights. While I was down in Melbourne, I managed to source a 1960s Levi Jacket from “Shag” on Chapel Street that I wear to every occasion I can. 

2. Vintage Style Belts

A belt has the ability to finish off an outfit. Whether you like the large buckles or intricate, detailed ones, op shops seem to be stocked when it comes to this accessory. Have a look around because you are most likely going to save money on a luxury branded belt. 

I am convinced that op shopping is an excellent hobby. There is something thrilling about spending hours searching through preloved items and actually finding something that you are able to add to your wardrobe.  It is crazy to think about the life that Ralph Lauren shirt or Levi Denim Jacket had before it landed in your hands, but now you have the opportunity to create a new chapter in its life. For local thrift shop finds in Brisbane I would recommend visiting Paddington, Windsor or Indooroopilly! All in favour of minimising fast fashion and maximising sustainable shopping experiences, say I!