Brisbane is beginning to make a name for itself – in a good way! Brisvegas does cop a bad rap and I am the first one to admit that. As I have grown older, the shops on Queen Street Mall and the limited entertainment at Southbank have lost my interest. I am constantly seeking something more exciting in the place I have known for nineteen years. 

Someone mentions bohemian fashion or vintage clothing markets and I can’t help but think of Melbourne or Sydney. Traditionally these cities have been better established with such activities but their baby cousin Brisbane has begun to create their own market mania. 

Recently, The Morningside School of Arts held the first “Metre Market” in Brisbane. With an inside and outdoors space, this market covered everything from fashion, music and art! Its foundations grew from two Brisbane locals who were seeking an easy way to simply sell off their clothes with having tried various methods in the past. As a result of this burning desire to make room for new season purchases, The Metre Market was born. 

Inside the hall resembled a suitcase rummage vibe, where preloved clothes were on sale by numerous sellers keen to make room in their wardrobe while making some moolah for their stylish garments. Personally, I was like a kid in a candy shop because op shopping, for me, is a challenge to find the perfect item of clothing at a cheap price. Additionally, I simply love the concept of recycling fashion and am a firm believer that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I was lucky enough to snap up a few bargains including the perfect summer dress and a $4 autobiography I have been meaning to buy. 

The outside component featured up and coming designers, artists and makers who were showcasing their products. From Barefoot and Blonde Design (jewellery) to Ironhides (clothing), there was seriously something for everyone. Not to mention, coffee! Also, wood fired pizza for when all the shopping had tired you out and caused the hunger pains kick in. 

To be a seller at The Metre Market, all you need to do is to register for some “metres of space”. We were assured by many of the stallholders that as it launched only last weekend, the market still has plenty of space to grow. So if selling preloved clothes or putting a new product design out there is something you are interested in definitely follow the link below. Who knows what you will find at Brisbane’s latest Sunday hang, The Metre Market. Keep an active eye out because this market is sure to promise more for everyone to explore!!about/cee5

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