Many people still perceive sustainable fashion as “too difficult to find” or “too unfashionable”. When in actual fact, it is quite the opposite. Today, there are a number of fashion brands and labels producing a myriad of fashion pieces to suit different tastes in style. There are many online shops that are now mixing fashion with ethics in the most beautiful way (i.e.,,

Despite these options being out there, many people still think of sustainable fashion as unattainable for them. They believe it takes hard work to live by sustainable ethics or they believe they are too busy to ever be able to take on the sustainable fashion challenge.

The truth is though, it is not that big of a challenge. These are all myths that give people the excuse to be less conscious of what they are purchasing and what fast fashion does to the world. I have heard many misconceptions about sustainable fashion but with the following five points, I hope to debunk these myths once and for all.

MYTH 1: Sustainable fashion is not stylish
Somehow, with the growth of sustainable fashion came the idea that ethical wear consists only of bold and bright coloured clothing, rocked by hippies and the like — but this is far from the truth. Ethical wear can be just as stylish as fast fashion and you will find a variety of styles ranging from tonal colours to patterns and covering everything from formal to active wear.

MYTH 2: Sustainable fashion is expensive
If you compare it to fast fashion then yes, ethical fashion is slightly more pricey than fast fashion. However, the reason fast fashion is so cheap is because it is made by people, sometimes children, who work long hours in unstable conditions for extremely low wages. Whereas ethical wear is made by adults who are paid appropriate wages.

MYTH 3: Sustainable fashion is not of good quality
I must admit I was guilty of thinking this before I got onboard the sustainable fashion train a couple of years ago. What changed my mind was when I saw how my breastfeeding dress, which I had bought from ethical fashion brand Milk and Love, remained in very good quality after three pregnancies.

MYTH 4: Sustainable fashion is impossible to find
A simple search for sustainable fashion online will prove that this is not the case, as you will be hit with an abundance of relevant results. You can even take your search further by picking and choosing brands that you feel more akin to. There are a number of brands that concentrate on respecting the environment while others focus on the people manufacturing their products.

MYTH 5: Sustainable fashion means you have to give up on designer clothing
You would think this would be the case but there are actually several designers who have chosen to create sustainable fashion and produce ethical wear that takes fashion to another level. Stella McCartney is one example of a very well-known designer who has created an ethical designer brand but there are others like SVILU, Mina + Olya and Amour Vert.

At the end of the day, all it takes is a bit of research and investigation for the current stigmas and perceptions of sustainable fashion to be debunked.

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