Global fashion store H&M are leading an initiative called World Recycle Week - which started today and ends on Sunday the 24th April. Interestingly, it coincides with Fashion Revolution Week (hmm). 

With a goal of collecting 1000 tonnes of unwanted clothing, H&M are striving to “close the loop” in the fashion industry and are encouraging global donations from any retailer. 

They have partnered with musician, Maya Arulpragasam (M.I.A.) to create a music video highlighting the environmental impact of old clothes going into landfills across the globe.

Watch the video here.

M.I.A. backs her decision to partner with a mass-market retailer like H&M, as she believes their size and global popularity gives them the ability to inspire other companies to start making small changes towards sustainability.

H&M are stimulating the drive for change by giving out gift store vouchers to everybody who donates. We, at Naked, would like to challenge those of you who take part in this initiative to use your store credit for purchasing items from their 'Conscious' range only.

The question is, is this a responsible move from H&M? And is it a sustainable move for consumers to swap their old garments for new fast-fashion pieces? Leave your comments below.