Celebrating the connection between fashion and technology is this year’s focus for the Undress Runways team. Creating connection between consumers, designers and factory workers is what will change the industry. Being able to connect with those who make your clothing, just as we connect with friends and family.

There are some great apps helping us get there. Good-On-You app launched in November 2015. This social enterprise was created by Ethical Consumers Australia, an organisation that is supported by a group of people striving for ease when it comes to buying all things ethical.

The Sydney-based team were overwhelmed when they saw the first week download statistics reach over 10,000 – clearly this is what Australians had been waiting for. Through the support of over one hundred volunteers, they aimed to rate new brands through three main categories. Each classification is evaluated by the following criteria:

People - Impact across the supply chain is evaluated such as forced labour, worker safety, liveable wages.

The Planet - Considers climate change, environmentally friendly materials, water use, hazardous chemicals, packaging and waste.

Animals - Looks at the usage of leather and fur as well as conditions in wool production.

With more than 1000 fashion and accessory brands in Australia, the Good-On-You app is sure to be a crowd pleaser as it is informative, supportive and forward moving in the fast pace of the 21st century.

Another great sustainable app is Orange Harp. The creators of this app recognised a generation who are more connected than ever before and cleverly married this characteristic with their social conscience to create something that encourages people to buy ethically produced goods. They also hold a strong stance on putting an end to slavery. They aim to help victims of human trafficking to rebuild their lives. Their mantra is “feeling good over and over again” by helping people around the world create a life they deserve.

What are you waiting for? Tap into your social conscience and download these free apps for further insight into ethical fashion.

goodonyou.org.au/app/ / @goodonyou_app

orangeharp.com @orange_harp


Image - Kowtow - Current season knitwear