It’s almost that time of year again. When Aussies start flocking to the coast for the sweet relief of the surf, summer flings, fruity cocktails on decks overlooking the ocean and sand in places where there shouldn’t be sand. With this in mind, we thought it was about time we unleashed The Ultimate Guide to your Ethical Summer Beach Trip. Strap your boogie boards to your ankles kids, because a wave of stylish finds is coming your way.


Step 1. Swimwear

There are so many fantastic sustainable and ethical swimwear brands popping up all over Australia, it’s hard to pick just one. But we will. Because otherwise Step 1 would last five pages.

Elle Evans Swimwear

Last year the Undress Team collaborated with Elle Evans Swimwear for our pop up shop in Brisbane, and their designs (printed with water-based, non-toxic inks) had us all swooning! Their swimwear is made from Econyl, which is the new wonder fabric made from 100% regenerated nylon waste. Ellie and Tanya consider the longevity of their garments by making them reversible for multiple designs and wears. They also have a range of activewear and children’s swimwear.

Step 2. Sunscreen

That’s right, we are strong advocates of Slip, Slop, Slap! Sunscreen might not be the sexiest of beach accessories but it’s definitely necessary!

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Natural Sunscreen

This sunscreen is vegan and contains 97% natural ingredients. It’s hypoallergenic and is recommended by the skin cancer foundation. It implements the soothing properties of cucumber and shea butter. Light, effective and cool - everything you want in a sunscreen!

Step 3. Sunglasses

Ready for the ultimate lazy day of reading and staring wistfully out towards the surf? Complete the look with some shades!

Sticks and Sparrow

Sticks and Sparrow’s frames are made from globally sourced sustainable materials such as bamboo and cork. Their fronts are made from plant based acetate and the lenses are 100% UV protective and scratch resistant. Oh yeah, and they’re super stylish.

Step 4. Towel

A beach towel is very important. It marks your space on the crowded shore and needs to be large enough to accommodate your changing positions and envelope you after you emerge from the tide.

Las Bayadas

Las Bayadas make 100% recycled cotton beach towels and they’re BIG! We’re talking, you could have a four person picnic on these, kind of big! Inspired by bright Mexican fabric, 10% of the profit of each beach towel goes towards a scholarship program for Mexican students at a local private school.

Step 5. Thongs

Flip Flops, sandals, jandals, slops, whatever you call them, they’re pretty much essential for a standard beach outing. Don’t find yourself frantically hopping across the fiery concrete to get to the sand bar without them!


The Gandys thongs are ethically made and durable, better still, proceeds from each sale go towards the orphans for orphans initiative, which aids underprivileged children with education, medication and nutrition.


Named after the most glamorous neighbourhood in Brazil, these thongs are inspired by the vibrant culture of the Brazilian beach scene. They are 100% recyclable due to the use of Melflex PVC in production rather than rubber. This means that they are also vegan friendly! Ipanema recycle 99% of all product waste during production.  

Step 6. Beach Bag

Oh the humble beach bag! Imagine if Mary Poppins had frequented the coast in her classy one-piece and you can see how much we need to fit in this magical day tote.

Wyatt and Jack

Wyatt and Jack make bags out of recycled deck chair fabric and retired bouncy castle PVC. So basically you know that your bag is imbued with a history of good times! They are bright, friendly and big - everything you want in your newest beach essential!

Step 7. Good Reads

This is the place where we shamelessly advertise Issue 4 of The Naked Mag. It’s intellectual, informative, fun and a tad pretty (if we do say so ourselves). We recommend reading it with a mimosa in hand whilst wearing of those super chic enormous hats.

You can buy it here :)

Already got your dose of Naked Mag goodness? Good for you! We’re also big fans of Dumbo Feather, which is great if you need a little motivation injection to inspire you to do great things.

Step 8. Good Vibes

So what are you waiting for? Pack your posse into your car, hit the tunes and wind down the windows. Oh and never mind the sand you’ll be finding in your back seat for the next 6 months, no matter how many times you vacuum! Embrace the sand between your ethical toes!


Photo Credit: Elle Evans Swimwear