Whether you love festivities or not, we can all agree on one positive element that comes with Easter... chocolate. Easter is the one time of year when it’s seen as socially acceptable to over-consume bucket loads of delicious, bunny-shaped chocolate. While we highly condone treating yourself this Easter, it’s important to think about where your delicious sweet snack comes from, as not all chocolate brands practice in fair trade. In fact, the chocolate industry is one of the worst offenders of child labour, human trafficking and slavery.

The basics of supply and demand come into play here, where there is a growing demand for cocoa, however, a shortage in the supply due to damaged cocoa trees caused by disease and age. This subsequently compels rising production costs, continuing the poverty cycle, perpetuating child labour and unfair terms of trade.

But never fear - this article is not encouraging you to choose between being a moral citizen or indulging in appetising, flavoursome chocolate. If anything, it’s doing the opposite! There are many chocolate brands on the market that make a conscious effort to trade ethically - and we’ve listed them here for you. 

Pana Chocolate sources their ingredients from all over the world, expanding their fair trade vision for their brand globally. Their chocolate is made with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, guaranteeing a vegan and organic product. Thankfully, Pana Chocolate values where their ingredients are sourced and ensure they trade appropriately and take interest in giving back in other ways such as tree planting annually in Australia. Pana Chocolate’s diverse taste palette ranges from coconut infused flavours to bursts of citrus and herb, creating a mouthwatering chocolate for everyone to enjoy. 

Yaku Latin Goods does not only crafts sustainable chocolate based on a flavoursome palette, the brand also serves as a platform that supports health and education programs through trading ethical products from Latin America. Importing organic dark chocolate from Ecuador, the vegan, soy and gluten free chocolate is an annual winner of the International Chocolate Awards. Biodynamic farming and direct trade standards are implemented throughout the manufacturing process and a decent portion of profits are donated to health and education programs with the aim to foster healthier communities. Based in Brisbane, their main retail point is at the Northey Street Organic Markets.

Origin Chocolate is a sustainable company that finely manufactures chocolate to ensure it is organic AND vegan. Ensuring they only use ethically sourced cocoa beans from Peru, the Australian brand still manages to handcraft a chocolate with a complex flavour profile that ventures between sweet, rich caramels, exotic fruits, nuts and spice yet, guaranteeing a completely original taste with all their chocolates. 


Happy Easter!