Oakie is an emerging ethical fashion label that creates quality garments that can go back to the earth. Each piece is made from 100% natural products including hemp, cotton, linen, and buttons made from raw coconuts. We recently spoke to Bianca, who started the label with hopes of promoting more than just quality fashion pieces; but a simplistic, natural and pure lifestyle for those who wear them.

Tell us a bit about Oakie...

OAKIE is an eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable clothing label. We are all about the environment and living natural. Our fibres are sourced in their purest forms where they are then botanically dyed and crafted into OAKIE unique creations. Like most belongings they are one day to be handed back to earth - OAKIE pieces being 100% natural, our earth will have it back with a smile. Being an Oakie folk is more than a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle. Jump on the eco-wagon!

What motivated you to start your own label?

Starting my own label was something I had wanted to do for some time! To be honest, OAKIE came about naturally, I basically began by creating what I am all about… nature, environment, ocean, earth etc - combined it all and bam! To be able to pursue my passion whilst bringing awareness in an area I feel strongly about is (ready for it) a dream come true.

What is Oakie's style?

Inspired by obviously all things nature and earth, we live for comfort, versatility, earthy tones and raw fibres. We believe the biggest smiles live a simplistic, natural & pure life and we want to encourage the same for you! Wake-up earlier, enjoy the sunrise, go on new adventures and break-out of your comfort zone... Feel good, wear good!

What has been your goal in starting OAKIE The Label?

To bring awareness and understanding to why purchasing eco, ethical and sustainable products is more than a 'price tag' - I feel majority of people (definitely nowadays) don't understand the difference and that’s where we want to play a part. We hope to grow big and with that make a big impact.

What would you like to see change in the fashion industry?

I want to see sustainable fashion become 'the' way of living, not 'a' way of living! I want people to care and have knowledge about what they are supporting when putting their money towards fashion. Buy pieces you absolutely adore, buy to last you, buy pieces you will appreciate and will appreciate you! Buying naturally made products has health benefits, and also supports a better future.

Earth has been and will be here beyond our time - cherish it for the generations to come!


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