Have your friends ever accused you of hooking yourself up to an IV of caffeine in the morning? If your coffee addiction is on par with the Gilmore Girls’, we get it. But if you’re also someone who likes to wear their morals on their sleeve, we’ve put together a little list of our favourite ethical coffee brands and where to find the baristas who concoct these life-giving drops!



Campos have long been considered the pioneers of ethical and sustainable coffee production. They look out for their farmers and produce a damn good espresso! When they invest in plantations, they’re investing in whole communities to make the lives of the farmers and their families, fairer. Campos coffee is both fair trade and direct trade certified.

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Billykart Kitchen, Annerley, Brisbane

Nestled in a little pocket of suburbia, Billykart kitchen is a quiet local hangout with a stylish furnishings and a friendly vibe. They serve up Campos coffee on the regular, and fresh pastries every morning to accompany. Warning: the combination of fresh coffee and delectable pastries can induce out-of-body experiences.


Moonshine Coffee

Moonshine coffee is one of the Australian coffee industry’s best kept secrets. The farm and roastery are located in the quiet Byron Bay Hinterland, just the way Mr. Moonshine likes it. As a small-batch roaster, Moonshine coffee is produced locally by a team of caffeinated enthusiasts and business is kept in the family! Ask for the locally grown brew to celebrate supporting local at its finest.

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PUK Espresso, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

From a little hole in the wall cafe to a collective, PUK espresso has grown in recent years! Situated under the story bridge, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Brisbane’s parks and river, it’s a great spot to grab a takeaway and have a picnic. Or stay in and peruse local wares and art, whichever tickles your fancy.


Bun Coffee

Bun Coffee source their beans from Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade, organic and sustainable agriculture plantations and farms which are processed in their certified organic roastery in Byron Bay. We know that’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s also a gobful of delicious, smooth and ethical caffeine!

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Bare Food Cafe, Paradise Point

Bare Food Cafe specialises in clean, organic meals and local produce. Situated in a relaxed little nook, Bare Food assist locals and tourists alike to embrace a healthier lifestyle and kick back for a well deserved break.


Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds specialise in certified organic and fair trade coffee. Choose their ‘neighbours’ blend, grown and harvested in Papua New Guinea, for coffee that’s been produced with a low carbon footprint. You can even find Sacred Grounds coffee beans in a few telltale LUSH products (who doesn’t want to simultaneously drink coffee and exfoliate?).

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King Kale and Co, Albion

Despite what the name suggests, King Kale and Co do not only serve up platters of kale for breakfast and lunch. They are an organic and gluten free friendly cafe who support the whole foods movement and blend up some seriously refreshing juices (no really, your insides will be squeaky clean). They partner with the gym across the road for even further motivation for your morning workout!

Go forth and order your small soy latte’s, your long macchiato’s and your almond piccolo’s friends! Just whatever you do, don’t succumb to the dark forces of decaf.


Photo credit: Nolan Issac