Stuck for present ideas this Christmas? We've got you covered. The following gifts will be sure to impress your loved ones while leaving minimal impact on the earth.

1. Mini Herb or Flower Garden
The perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking or gardening. Pot a few different types of herbs in glass jars with soil. Not only do jars look much nicer, but they can be re-used again and again.

mini herb garden.jpg

2. Zero Waste Items
If you’re looking to buy something new, zero-waste items are the way to go! Useful and ethically made, tote bags, reusable straws, bento food boxes, or keep cups make the perfect gifts. 

zero waste items.jpg

3. Basket full of locally produced fruit (or veg)
Visit your local markets and fill a basket with your friend or family member's favourite fruits & vegetables. Healthy and helpful!

basket of fruit.jpg

4. Organic Tea
Filling up a jar with your favourite blend of tea, paired with a locally sourced teapot or cup is a simple yet quirky gift that won’t go to waste. Try purchasing the tea leaves from a bulk foods store and buying a pot from an antique store, for an even more sustainable gift.

organic tea.jpg

5. A Box Full Of Ethical Goodies
Putting together a gift box of brands or causes you love is a great way to show a friend or family member what matters to you. Stuck for ideas? Why not pop The Naked Mag Issue #5 in there!

box of goodies.jpg

6. Homemade treats
If you’re more comfortable in the kitchen, simple yet well-executed recipes can really stand out as gifts. Raw desserts will be sure to impress, but if you’re looking for something a little easier, try filling jars with homemade granola, brownie mix, or chocolate bark. To make chocolate bark, simply melt down your favourite chocolate, spread it out on some baking paper, sprinkle with toppings and refrigerate. 

homemade treats.jpg